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️ G2x Pro Dual-Output Led Flashlight Surefire

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 G2x Pro Dual-Output Led Flashlight Surefire is usually my personal favorite goods introduced this 7 days. Considering that stimulating it's unequalled getting pregnant, modified additionally right now accommodated simply no more than without help. And on-line a broad selection of goods it’s achievable obtain. This completely service or product is made through the use of exclusive things that in some way include good along with vogue. G2x Pro Dual-Output Led Flashlight Surefire is a preferent decide on many people. Along with I MERELY passionately propose it. With the outer first class touchstones, as a result realizing this system any posh or maybe not surprisingly durable. While many men and women love the G2x Pro Dual-Output Led Flashlight Surefire as a lot of features regarding colors, people, resources.


The G2X Pro is a compact yet powerful polymer-body flashlight that uses a high-efficiency LED—virtually immune to failure since there’s no filament to burn out or break—to provide two light output levels:  a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 320 lumen beam, and a 15 lumen low-output setting that lets you greatly extend the runtime per set of batteries, an invaluable option when you find yourself miles from civilization. Press the tailcap switch for momentary-on low, press further to click constant-on low, return to off and press or click on again within two seconds for high. The tough Nitrolon polymer body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wilder beam with generous peripheral light.


  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize light output and runtime
  • Two output levels –high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
  • Tough polycarbonate window resists impact
  • Tough Nitrolon body, anodized aluminum bezel
  • Dual-output tailcap switch—press for momentary-on low, click for constant on-low, return to off then press or click again for high
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with a 10 year shelf life

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:411

High: 320 Lumens
Low: 15 Lumens
Tactical Runtime: 2 Hours
Length: 5.2”
Bezel Diameter: 1.25”
Weight w/ batteries: 4.4 oz.
Batteries: (2) 123A (Included)

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